Happy Birthday, Lady Gaga, From Your Little Monsters

‘Cuz baby, you were Born This Day.

Earlier this week, Celebuzz asked you to send us birthday messages for Lady Gaga, who today turns 27. We received an overwhelming amount of submissions, which ranged from heartfelt written messages to beautiful fan art.

After the jump, see our gallery of fan-submitted photos and a selection of the written messages you sent in. There’s also a GIF party happening down there, so it’s definitely something you don’t want to miss.

It’s not too late for you to share your birthday message for Gaga! To do so:

  • Send us a picture by using the hashtag #HappyBirthdayGaga or #CBGagaBday on Twitter or Instagram
  • Leave a comment with your message on this post

To see what Little Monsters have to say in honor of Gaga’s birthday, continue reading after the jump.

Some fans submitted photos of themselves. Some submitted their favorite photos of the Lady herself. Some created fan art, and some shared photos of their tattoos. Oner person submitted photos of flowers, as a sort of virtual gift. The result? It’s clear that Little Monsters really love their Mother Monster!

We also received many written messages. We’ve included some of our favorites, with occasional GIF interruption, below:

“Happy Birthday Lady Gaga I Love You With All My Heart Your The Only Thing Keeping Me Going!!! I Hope You have A Great Birthday and I Hope Your Recover Quickly!” – Carolyn

“Happy B-day lady gaga i am proud to be a little monster” – osman

“Gaga, wish you the best birthday ever! Get better soon. I can’t wait for the next! Love you!” – Joe

“Happy Birthday Gaga! Thanks for coming to Costa Rica, enjoy meeting you, jump, shout and above all smile that beautiful smile that brightens my day. Gaga I love you’re unique, wonderful. I hope you recover soon, there is nothing you want to see you walk again. I love you! kisses from Costa Rica. :*” – Mar Vega

“happy birthday lady gaga!!! you are the best thing that has ever happened to me you are the reason i keep going in life and motivate me to be stronger and not care what somebody thinks about me u made an unbelievable impact on my life that i honestly thought nobody could do have a awesome and amazing birthday i love you gaga :) <3″ – alexia

“Hello GAGA :) It’s your Little Monster HUNTER from Washington D.C I hope you’re having an amazing 27th birthday, I love you so much & I hope your hip heal up real fast! i LOVE YOU PAWS UP! I didn’t get to experience the born this way ball, but it’s okay. :) I’m glad you’re doing fine, you’re my inspiration and life. my friend edited this photo for me, cause I know i’ll never have the chance to meet you :/ <3″ -Hunter

“GAGA! you don’t know how much you have helped me, seriously, im going through a very very tough time, and like listening to you and seeing you just fades all that away, I LOVE you, really want to meet you, probably oneday I will…<3 HAPPY 27TH BIRTHDAY Stefani <321 Love you Gagaaa….Have an awesome day, :’) <3 <3 <3″ – Mohammed

“Hi Lady Gaga, this is Sean Anthony Villanueva, a little monster from the Philippines. Happy Birthday Mother Monster, You’ve changed my life. Yoou help me to be brave and to express who I am. Thank you and I love you Lady Gaga ! Can’t wait to see you again. Love and Art. ARTPOP2013″ – Sean Anthony

“Happy Birthday Mama Monster! from a Pakistani Little Monster. I can not explain in words how you have changed my life. You gave me courage to come out to my family. Life for Gays is really difficult in Muslim Countries like Pakistan, but you were always there to take care of me, and I always want you here. I love you so much. Live Long.” – Saddi

“Happy Birthday Gaga and get better as soon as possible we love Ü :)<3″ – Adam

“Happy Birthday!!!!! I wrote this song for you.  You are brave when you have pain, you don’t think about the heartache. The body you have is so tender. Don’t worry about your sickness that makes you so sad and never give up. I will not give up when I am not feeling so well. Sometimes when I feel lonely. I just want to give up, but I don’t, ooh ooh ooh You stay strong. Your angels will com to save you, when you are about to give up on yourself. I just want you to know I will never give up for a reason. Don’t worry because you have courage when you are hurt. Think about the happy things in your life. I feel blessed because I never give up, because I never give up.” – Nicole

“Lady Gaga, from the first day I heard your music, I knew that you would change not only my life, but the lives of millions! You’ve taught me so much about myself through the gifts that God has bestowed upon you. I bet you didn’t think that you could save lives just by living out your dreams, did you? Well, you have, and I along with other little monsters thank you! Happy Birthday Mother Monster! I love you so much, and I wish you nothing but the best! ” – Marcus

“Most affectionate greetings, hugs and flowers from Latvian! Heartiest congratulations on your day! I wish you good health, great birthday and lots of love! Koko Alma” – Aima

“Happy Birthday to my Queen ! love you so much…thank’s for making us BRAVE….we love you no matter what! Xo <3 :) <:)/” – Larry

Thank you to all of the Little Monsters who sent messages!