Spray It Forward

Chris Brown has always boasted that he’s more than a musician, playing up his ventures in video directing, fashion design and art.

Now he’s putting his penchant for spray-painting to good use. Brown joined children in Miami, Fla., on Wednesday to create a graffiti-inspired mural, all for Symphonic Love Foundation Global Best Buddies Day, which raises charitable funds to aid youngsters with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Dressed in a white tee, denim and a backwards cap, the “Don’t Wake Me Up” singer teamed with world-famous artist Romero Britto, wielding cans of spray paint to craft a skeleton cowboy and cartoon horse on the side of a building, which The Sun reports is Britto’s studio.

Apart from the mural, Brown splashed his creativity on canvases, painting creations that will be sold for charitable proceeds.

Though it departs from his bad-boy image, the volunteer day falls in line with Brown’s desire to reach younger generations through his work. “I still love music, but I think we’re at a place where there’s no substance sometimes to our music, including mine too,” he told Billboard, discussing his upcoming album, X, which is due out in late August or early September.

“There needs to be more subject matter, more of a message in music,” he explained. “And we need to be able to inspire the youth. If youth doesn’t have anything to look up to or forward to, they just run rampant. So hopefully, in a positive way, I can still do my thing musically and touch the masses.”

Are you surprised to see Brown lending a hand to charity? Sound off in the comments.

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