‘The Host’ And Its Strong Female Roles

Just like that other famous Stephenie Meyer creation The Twilight SagaThe Host which opens in theaters Friday March 29th, features a number of strong female characters in key roles.

In the Celebuzz video above, hear from key cast members and how they felt about being a part of such an empowering project.

Meyer’s approach to women is especially important given her connection to young readers. After Twilight brought her worldwide recognition and a legion of fans, the chance to impact the lives of young women is obviously not lost on the author.

Recently, fans came from all over the country for a chance to get a glimpse of The Host cast at the world premiere of the film, hosted by Celebuzz, in Hollywood. In addition to Meyers, the stars of the movie were on hand at the event, including lead actress Saoirse Ronan, Max IronsJack Abel and Diane Kruger – all of whom greeted fans as they hit the red carpet.

Check out what happened when Celebuzz met up with Host fans at a Los Angeles bookstore:

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