The Reason Renee Wants To Go Back To Rehab

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Ever since Renee Graziano got out of rehab last November, she’s been on a path to self-discovery. But if she had it her way, she’d check herself back in on a weekly basis.

“People make fun of me because I love rehab,” the Mob Wives star told Celebuzz. “I’d go back. I would love to do a week a month because it teaches you.”

“Rehab is awesome,” she continued. “I got to sit there with kids, 18-year-olds, men and women in their forties, fifties and sixties, and I got to learn that we’re all the same. For me, it was extremely educational, and I learned that I’m extremely insecure, unfortunately.”

Graziano, 37, says she’s not your typical addict.

“I’m a depression addict, not a drug addict. I don’t do drugs to get high. I did drugs to not feel anything,” she said. “I’m a domestic violence survivor, a date rape survivor. So I’ve been through way more than people even know. Medication became the best way for me to handle it.”

“It’s a battle,” she continued, adding that the recent death of a friend nearly caused her to relapse. “There are days where I wanna pop Xanax and sleep and wake up and everything is okay. I don’t count days because I feel it puts too much pressure on me.”

But Graziano says she’s ready to wipe the slate clean. She says her relationship with her son AJ is on the mend, her Mob Candy shoe line is in full-swing and she’s forgiven co-star Carla Facciolo for calling her a junkie in Mob Wives’ Season 3 premiere. Best of all, she’s ready to cleanse her soul…literally.

“I’m getting baptized,” Graziano said. “I wanna wash myself. God is so forgiving that if you just realize what you did wrong and you ask for forgiveness. It’s to literally ask God to start over.”

But a new beginning doesn’t mean walking down the aisle again.

“I don’t want a husband — I just want a friend I like, because that’s important,” she said. “I want butterflies. I wanna show someone off. I’m very blessed right now. I’ve been approached by so many young kids that want to talk about getting out of gangs or not doing drugs, and I’m just so overwhelmed. It’s very important that I pay it forward. I’m just appreciating my life, finally.”

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