Watch: Exclusive Sneak Peek At Shane Dawson’s New Music Video

If you’re one of Shane Dawson’s 5.5 million Youtube followers, then you’re probably familiar with one of his many comical alter-egos like Shananay or Ned the Nerd.

But in Dawson’s new single “F**k Up” he gives his fans a new twist — by playing himself — and the song title speaks for itself.

And for all you lucky fans, Celebuzz has an exclusive sneak peek of his new video.

In the new single Dawson sings that he “can’t do nothing right,” with the clip showing him walking into what looks like a support group full of people with the same problem… hence, “f**k ups.”

Yes, it’s true, Dawson is known for his signature spoofs, but he his fans always know that there’s a bigger message behind the music.

“I hope this song and video help people embrace their flaws and realize that it’s ok to be a f**k up,” Dawson told Celebuzz. “As long as you keep trying and don’t give up.”

The internet sensation’s comedic talent isn’t just exclusive to Youtube, his Twitter profile is good for a few laughs, too. On March 27, he couldn’t contain his excitement about the upcoming release of his video, tweeting:

He also posted a picture of the video’s editing progress… and to get a better look at the finished product, take a peek at our exclusive clip, above.

Dawson’s new single and full video will be available on iTunes March 30.

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