Watch: Singer Kerli Opens Up About Her New Music... And Those Leaked Songs

The Estonian songwriter tells CB! all about her signature style and the "fresh" music that excites her.

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Not So Nice
Kerli at LOGO's 2012 "NewNowNext" Awards
Kerli reacts to offensive video review. Read More »

Kerli definitely knows how to make an entrance (with her eyeball hair bows and lavender-tipped platinum locks)… and like her signature style she refers to as “bubblegoth,” she’s just as passionate about her musical presence, she tells Celebuzz.

The 26-year-old Estonian singer-songwriter sat down with CB! to talk about those eye-catching rainbow platforms, her new EP and answer fan questions about those leaked songs.

“It’s great that people want it. I’d much rather have you hear it than not,” she told the Daily Buzz.

“When things leak prematurely it’s hard for an artist. When you’ve been working on it a couple years, you want to release it the way it’s supposed to," Kerli added.

Fans are already obsessing over her songs “Kaleidoscope”, “Speed Limit”, “Last Breath” and “Supergirl” -- which were supposed to be part of Utopia, but were leaked ahead of the EP.

Putting the mystery aside, there’s much more to Kerli to look forward to, including TokioHotel-type collaborations in her future.

“I have a couple of really exciting collaborations going on right now, so we’ll see," she teased.

“I love pop culture so I like the freshest newest stuff. So I want to make it exciting and fresh. I try to make things in the studio I haven’t heard yet.”

Watch the video above to hear more about Kerli's newest songs, her inspirations and the artists she follows.

What is your favorite Kerli song of all time? Tell us in the comments, below.

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  • laurap

    Just came across your so called music, and I must say you and Lady Gaga are the queen's of deceit, I can't believe that people are dumb enough not to notice your agenda and buy into your garbage. "Moon babies" & "Little monsters" LMFAO, GOD help the younger generation from your delusional and f'ed up insanity.

  • krista

    ,,sugar,, and ,,love me or leave me ,, is my favorite

  • Ilja Toome
    Ilja Toome

    my favourite is a SUGAR

  • Amandatory Record
    Amandatory Record

    Soo Sorry Album got Leaked

  • Re' Read
    Re' Read

    tyDi - Glow in the Dark ft. Kerli is my fav song.

  • Mickey Wondrland
    Mickey Wondrland

    Kerli you're such a fresh breath of air. So inspirational, so creative, so talented, so real! So proud of you! Utopia is amazing....and you're Cosmic! I.L.U. [img][/img]

  • Joshua Johnson
    Joshua Johnson

    Love Utopia. :) It's really great to hear about some of the behind-the-scenes stuff.

  • Deagan Otterspeer
    Deagan Otterspeer

    Thank you celebuzz for picking my question and kerli for awnsering it. Of course we listen to everything that you have made, but the real fans will always buy what you put out; wether we have heard it or not. They are great songs, and I can't wait to get the high quality finished records! Keep rocking it girl.

  • Nick Colosimo
    Nick Colosimo

    She's honestly the greatest artist ever! <3 Utopia is completely perfect I cannot stop listening! :) she makes me so proud to call myself a moonchild. <3