5 Stories You May Have Missed This Morning

Jennifer Lopez Styles
Jennifer Lopez through the years
Amanda Bynes' Tweets
Amanda Bynes' strangest and craziest tweets.
'Spring Breakers' GIFs
10 wild things to expect from 'Spring Breakers.'
Why did Jennifer Lopez get replaced by Pitbull? Which superstar is Spring Breakers a tribute to? Plus, why is Amanda Bynes threatening to sue several tabloids?

Celebuzz has the round-up of Friday morning’s top stories.

Jennifer Lopez Loses Gig Over Diva Demands

The singer, who was offered the chance to perform at the opening ceremony of the Premier League cricket tournament in India, has reportedly been replaced by Pitbull because of her outrageous demands. Newser has the whole story.

Is ‘Spring Breakers’ A Dark Homage To Britney Spears?

Spring Breakers is supposedly a metaphor for the corruption and breakdown of Spears. Do you believe that? Hollywood.com weighs in on the parallels between the film and the singer’s life.

Which Troubled Actress Is Glad She Is No Longer In The Tabloids?

This actress, who was once the girl every girl wanted to be, and every boy wanted to date, reveals that she is quite happy that she has faded out of the spotlight in recent years. To find out who, head to Huffington Post.

Your Guide To Stalking Prince Harry

The younger of the two British princes will be returning to the United States this year, and several scheduled stops have been announced. Hollywood.com has the details.

Amanda Bynes Suing Tabloids

The actress is suing several tabloids for making wrongful accusations following her downward spiral. Newser has the full scoop.