8 Tips For Improving Your Home Theater Experience

So you’ve invested some serious money into your home theater. Yeah, it’s cool, but maybe you don’t feel like you are getting the absolute most out of the system.

To help, we present our favorite tips for improving your home movie watching experience on any budget. Check out the list below and you’ll be living in surround-sound in no time.

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1. Get darker curtains.  Dark, or “blackout” curtains can really help reduce the amount of light that penetrates a room and causes glare on your screen.

2. Invest in better seating.  It may seem like a luxury, but paying a little extra for comfy couches or “true” movie seating will go a long way in helping you enjoy the perfect at-home movie experience.

3. Get audio that does your video justice. Too many people stop after investing in everything they need to improve picture quality.  Don’t forget that an intense audio experience is just as important when bringing the theater experience home.

4. Get a better sub-woofer.  To our point above, if you can only afford one audio component to improve, make it the sub-woofer. You’ll experience every explosion and scary moment with more depth.

5. Better Internet.  With streaming movies off of Netflix and other services now a part of our film-enjoying routine, make sure that you have the bandwidth to cover it.  A few extra dollars a month for top speed FiOS or DSL will keep you from experiencing any hiccups.

6. Get a “cleaner” power source.  Don’t share your home theater’s electrical hook up with other appliances in your home. In addition to causing a potential black-out, this can lead to loud humming from the circuits – which can impact your movie-going experience.

7. Invest in quality wires and cables.  Don’t go crazy and spend hundreds of dollars on cables just because the guy at the store “swears by them,” but don’t stick with what comes in the box either. Do your homework and upgrade to more elite audio and video cables – it will make a difference.

8. Get the best movies!  And finally, don’t forget about the importance of selecting the right films when settling in for a movie night.  Use the Find Your Critic tool from Pop Secret to select the best flicks ever.

Now sit back and enjoy the show!


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