9 Reasons To Watch ‘Happy Endings’ On Fridays

RuPaul on 'Happy Endings'
Famed drag queen RuPaul will guest star on hit ABC comedy.
ABC isn’t even pretending that Happy Endings isn’t headed toward cancelation after moving the comedy to what’s been called the Friday night death slot. Even recent promos ask fans to save Happy Endings by watching its one-hour blocks on Fridays starting at 8PM.

“I’ve never watched television on a Friday night,” star Zachary Knighton recently told reporters during a set visit.

“We could have been canceled, they canceled [Don’t Trust the B in Apt. 23] and we didn’t get cancelled so I take it as a good sign,” he continued.

“I know there’s a lot of support at the network and we’re a strange show on that network and I don’t know if we’ve ever really had a place anywhere. It’s kind of been the story of the show since Day 1. We’ve always been on that weird precipice of uncertainty, so we just see what happens I guess.”

Of course, “saving” the show would be the No. 1 reason to watch on Fridays, but the cast members teased this season’s upcoming hilarity while we were on-set.

So, here are eight more reasons to tune in, set your DVR, or watch online.

2. Feud truck: Penny (Casey Wilson) will lose the most important thing in Dave’s (Knighton) life: his food truck. “You guys will probably see this some time in July,” Knighton teases. “There’s an episode coming up where the steak truck gets stolen and a lot of bad things happen to the truck. There’s a sort of Romeo and Juliet storyline that happens with it, some of our crew gets involved with the rival truck crew. That’s going to be a really funny episode. There are going to be a few things done to that truck that I didn’t know that you could do to a food truck.”

3. The return of MPG: Mark-Paul Gosselaar will be back. “If you remember, he said he was going to come back and ruin Max’s life,” Knighton says. “I think Dave is so enthralled with Chase that he would probably join Chase’s side if it came down to it. For some reason, Dave just loves Chase. He wants to be Chase.”

4. A Groupon episode: “[Alex] collects a lot of Groupons and doesn’t really use them,” Elisha Cuthbertexplains. “So, Dave dares her to go back and use the ones she’s collected. And, he’s put her up to the challenge to use every one of those coupons, which is crazy. So, obviously, Groupons ensue.”

5. Penny’s dad! “We meet my dad, who is played by Andy Richter,” Wilson said. “And he’s been kind of a deadbeat dad, but really it’s a sad version of a deadbeat dad story. He’s been trying to make a career in musical theatre in New York City. He’s like a failed musical theatre actor. So, I think he wishes at least since he left her that he had had more success.”

6. A musical! Penny writes a one-woman musical about her life that turns into community theatre when she begins casting others in roles. “I mean it was the most rinky-dink production that we did,” Wilson reveals. “We filmed it for like three days and it felt like we were doing a Summer Stock. Like the sets were so sad… It was so stupid and fun and we got to work with a choreographer. All my dreams came true over the course of this episode.”

7. Text addict: Max (Adam Pally) is having a problem – he can’t stop texting a guy and the guy has stopped writing back. So, Penny steps in. Hint: It involves the use of Nyquil to induce sleep.

8. Who’s the real Bridezilla? Don’t expect Penny to be the one that goes nuts over planning her wedding to Pete (Nick Zano). “I think Jane is the real Bridezilla, like it’s not Penny, weirdly,” Wilson says.

9. That’s bunk. OK, so Penny does have one Bridezilla moment. “Penny has a bunker she wants everyone to go into in case her wedding day is to be destroyed, like an underground bomb shelter bunker,” Wilson says. “That’s sort of Bridezilla-esque, I think. She’s thinking through every possible scenario of something to go wrong.”

Will you help save Happy Endings?

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