What's Really Bugging Bieber?

An expert tells CB! that the Canadian superstar needs professional help to cope with the pressures of fame and fortune.

Doctor says Justin Bieber needs to seek help.
Justin Bieber's Alright
Justin Bieber's manager says the singer's in "a good place." Read More »

It’s been a tough week -- make that a tough year -- for Justin Bieber.

His alleged altercation with a Calabasas, Calif. neighbor garnered headlines around the world and fixed the media spotlight firmly on the singer once again.

But what's really bugging Bieber?

“Justin Bieber needs professional help to discuss his feelings in private so that he can come to terms with being an adolescent and a public figure. He is definitely at a crossroads in his life,” psychologist Dr. Yvonne Thomas told Celebuzz.

The Los Angeles-based psychologist, who specializes in individual and life transition counseling, believes that the public should show more empathy toward the superstar 19-year-old.

Bieber still faces the possibility of criminal charges after his neighbor claimed that the pop star spat on him after being confronted about driving his Ferrari at high speeds around the upscale, gated community.

It was the latest bizarre incident involving the performer, who in recent months was kicked out of a Paris hotel, verbally attacked a photographer in London, and was also spotted on multiple occasions wearing a gas mask in the British capital.


“I am not surprised,” said Thomas. “It is a very hard combination managing youth and a lot of resources while trying to maintain an image with the rest of the world. It’s a recipe for a lot of stress.”

The psychologist thinks that Bieber’s latest alleged temper tantrum is a result of him not being able to express his feelings about dealing with the pressures of fame at such a young age.

And although the multi-millionaire pop star has been widely criticized by both the press and his fans over the last month, Thomas feels that people should remember that he’s still on the cusp of adulthood -- and that Biebs needs to seek advice in a private and professional setting to help him make the correct adjustments before he could potentially make more serious mistakes.

“I genuinely believe that he is not a bad person but probably feels overwhelmed at times and allows these feelings to take over him,” Thomas said.

Bieber spoke out about the incident Wednesday, admitting that famous or not, he's still human and makes mistakes.

“The biggest misconception about me is that I’m a bad person,” he told Us Weekly. “I get upset about that. I have a big heart. I want to be a good role model, but some people want me to fail.”

“I’m young and I make mistakes. That’s part of growing up. I mess up sometimes. It’s part of growing up. This business can break you down, but I have a strong team around me, and my family and all the fans. The love overcomes the negativity. I’m not perfect, but I’m growing and trying to be better everyday. That’s part of life.”


Thomas says acknowledging his faults is a good first step.

“It was a great sign that he admitted that he had made mistakes, but now he has to do something about it because there is a long history of young stars before him that could not handle being famous," said Thomas.

“Somebody like Ron Howard is a good example of a person who did make the transition from child star to a productive and responsible adult and Justin Bieber can learn from that.”

Bieber performed in Munich, Germany for the next stop of his Believe World Tour Thursday, but not before the "Boyfriend" singer reportedly visited his former girlfriend Selena Gomez before jetting off to Europe.

Do you think Justin Bieber needs professional help to deal with the pressures of fame? Leave your comments below.

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  • Jessica

    I don't think any 19 yr old can be described as a "grown ass" man-- he's still a teenager. I really think people forget what it's like to be 19. Every guy I knew at that age was kind of a punk-- struggling between still been a teen, but wanting desperately to be respected as a man. I think Justin is going through that right now. Especially because people have been rooting for him to fail since he was like 15 yrs old. I do think he needs some sort of help and definitely some intervention from his handlers. But I don't think he's the villainous brat the media portrays him to be. I just think he's going through a really hard time, like a lot of teens go through. Going through your first break up alone is a really tough thing to go through, then add the public scrutiny to it. Having money and fame doesn't make you invincible to these problems. People forget that. Having the media foaming at the mouth for a breakdown and people holding pools to see when he's going to die is cruel and would affect anyone. The kid just needs a break.

  • Cliff Renfrew
    Cliff Renfrew

    Andrew, Dr Thomas ihas many years of dealing with public figures and is a very well qualified psychologist. She received no payment for commenting on our story either.

  • Cliff Renfrew
    Cliff Renfrew

    I don't believe at 19 Bieber is a mature adult his behavior does not indicate any level od maturity or responsibility at the moment.

  • Cliff Renfrew
    Cliff Renfrew

    It does get blown out of proportion because it is Bieber here Amanda but he was driving a Ferrari around at high speeds inside a gated community. The reality is somebody could have been killed and Bieber does not seem to understand that there could be grave consequences because of these reckless actions.

  • Cliff Renfrew
    Cliff Renfrew

    I am not condoning Bieber for spitting on anyone - that is disgusting. But I believe Dr Thomas made some really valid points. Justin Bieber needs some help because he is not in control of his emotions at the moment. The sad part is that none of his close 'management team' ever seem willing to acknowledge this and do something about it.

  • tabloid junkie
    tabloid junkie

    I think a lot of child stars need to have counciling. It is a huge thing to become a role model overnight. If he chooses to get counciling, more power to him! I just wish Amanda Vynes and Lindsay Lohan had counciling offered to them. Yes I understand that rehab does come with counciling, I meant when they where his age, before they messed themselves up so badly. It truly is a shame. I think they all are battling a personality disorder. And they all need help. Lindsay is obviously a clepto, Amanda seems to have bipolar disorder, and I believe Justin is stressed out. Stress can trigger the behavior that he exhibits lately. And it is a shame.

  • bowers

    He needs to think of others, help others. Jeez, there are kids out there with real problems.His "problems" aren't real.

  • NYJ

    Justin Bieber is 19 years old - he's not an adolescent, he's a grown man. His 'issues' are not pressure and fame, it's the sense of entitlement and delusions of grandeur that come with the blind adulation he receives from those who ARE adolescents.

  • Andrew Love
    Andrew Love

    I love when "experts" who have never met someone diagnose them for a celebrity gossip rag for a quick paycheck. So professional.

  • liz

    Another sad story about another kid who really really loves nusic and is talented but way too young to handle the pressure. unfortunately when youre a cash cow as he is and people cant say NO to him and keep telling him HOW great he is so that their cow doesnt run dry..the the poor pathetic kid REALLY starts to believe all the hype. Too bad no one will be around when he crashes and burns..He is heading downhill just like Linsey Lohan!!

  • Amanda Hittinger
    Amanda Hittinger

    I agree that maybe Bieber needs some sort of counseling. He's young, and he's dealing with all this pressure from the media, his fans, and people like his producer, manager, etc. It's hard to grow up in the spotlight. And he's going through phases just like any other 19-year-old would, but he's in the eyes of millions of people, which makes everything worse/harder. I'd say that he's just going through a phase, being a punk. I feel like all boys get in that phase, but his is just over-exaggerated because of all the pressure of everyone knowing about it.