Watch: The Cast Pulls Pranks On The Set Of ‘The Host’

Sometimes on the movie set, things can get a little tedious.

When Max Irons and Jake Abel of The Host, which opens in theaters today, March 29th, got a little bored they turned to the fine art of the prank to help pass the time between shots.

In the exclusive Celebuzz video above, you’ll learn exactly what lengths the cast of The Host would go to in order to achieve pranking supremacy.

Concerned about alien invasion? Talk to The Host cast.

The stars of the film have been happy to talk about a number of highly entertaining topics during the lead up to the movie’s release.  In the video below, see what happens when Saoirse Ronan, Irons, Abel and other stars provide a surprisingly unanimous answer to a question about which member of the cast would be best equipped to save humanity.

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