Kim Kardashian: Pull It Together With A Blazer

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Kim Kardashian
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On Friday, Kim Kardashian dressed up her baby belly in a print top and black blazer as she headed out for a meeting with her family in Los Angeles. Here’s what the expectant mom had to say about her latest outfit on her personal blog:

Met up with my mom and Kourt for a meeting at my mom’s office! I love pairing a blazer with leggings and a top to pull the entire look together and give it some structure.

It’s so easy and so chic. Xo

Kardashian, 32, also added that she was wearing A Pea in the Pod leggings, a Givenchy top and Stella McCartney blazer.

What do you think of Kim Kardashian’s latest maternity outfit? Weigh in below.

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  • Diane Juiliano
    Diane Juiliano

    looking good

  • Fred Friendley
    Fred Friendley

    Yeah, that blazer really covers up that HUGE a*s!

  • Nicole

    The fact that she thinks of herself as "chic" is amusing.

  • lingeorge
    lingeorge much more relaxed...flats!!!! She looks like Kim again. We missed you KIM.

  • Jamie Rathbart
    Jamie Rathbart

    She has the strangest looking pregnancy I've ever seen. She seems to have a couple of floppy belly rolls. First pregnancies usually produce a firm belly bump, not floppy rolls. Hmmmmm!

  • Selma

    I think she looks so uncomfortable being pregnant, and it just looks like she has given up when it comes to clothes. Think Kourt dressed a lot better when she was pregnant, she should take some advice from her!

  • vox9

    This girl was a fat slob before she got knocked up. Now she's repulsive. Why is she famous anyway? She doesn't do anything.

  • ronifer

    The Khardashian Kows are getting far too much attention in terms of what they give back: Acting=0, Singing=0, Humor=0, Beauty=C-, Fashion expertise=-0. Surely a job at Walmart, or Micky D's could be found ?