Can 98° Still Turn Up The Heat?

The members of 98 Degrees are picking up the “Microphone” again.

Over a decade after dropping their sophomore smash, Revelation, the 90s boy band is back with a brand-new single — and look. Though their full album, 2.0, doesn’t hit shelves until May 7, 98 Degrees is kicked off their comeback by debuting the cover art for their first single, “Microphone,” due on iTunes on Tuesday.

The recently-reunited quartet — comprised of Nick Lachey, 39, his younger brother Drew, 36, Jeff Timmons, 39, and Justin Jeffre, 39 — strike a pose in complementary midnight-blue suits, some buttoned-up with a tie while others effort the more laid-back look of an undone bowtie.

Just weeks after releasing their new album, the group will hit the road with Boyz II Men and New Kids on the Block for The Package Tour, kicking off in Connecticut on May 28 and coming to a close in in Indiana on Aug. 4.

“We’re excited to get back together and doing what we do,” Nick Lachey said of returning to his roots with his bandmates. “We feel reinvigorated by our bond and by our group, so we’re very excited by that.”

But do the guys look like they feel? Let’s hark back to their heydey to see if the singers still got it. Feast your eyes on the band in their latest album art on the left, compared to the cover of their last release, way back in 2000, on the right.

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