10 Reasons Why Michael Fassbender Gets Better With Age

He’s just like fine wine.

Time and time again, Michael Fassbender has simply proven that — like a good cabernet sauvignon — he simply gets better as the years go by.

Not only did the actor let the ladies know that he’s sculpted like a Greek god in films like 300 (and very well-endowed thanks to THAT scene in Shame), but the German-Irish hunk has also shown great acting chops with roles in X-Men: First Class and Inglourious Basterds.

As Fassbender is celebrating his 36th birthday Tuesday, Celebuzz thinks it’s only fitting to examine just how he really makes fans everywhere swoon.

Here are 10 reasons why this hunk continues to melt hearts.

1. His gorgeous face knows no flaws — even his laugh lines are adorable.

2. He maintains an immaculate body figure.

3. He has fabulous hair and knows how to make it work.

4. He knows how to kick it back.

5. Frankly, he’s the ultimate bad boy. 

6. Yet, he’s also a massive goofball.

7. He’s not afraid to get into touch with his emotions.

8. He was (and will continue to be) one badass Magneto.

9. Let’s face it, he has the ability to impregnate women everywhere with just one glare.

10. Seriously, just look at him. You know you want him.

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