5 Stories You May Have Missed This Morning

Lindsay Hides Out
Lilo spotted crying under table at a nightclub.
Which musician had his new music video banned for being “too hot for Youtube?” Lindsay Lohan steps out covered in bruises. And, Emma Watson reveals a sexy new look.

Celebuzz has the round-up of Tuesday morning’s top trending stories.

Yikes! What Are Those Bruises From, Lindsay?

LiLo hit the beach in Brazil, showing off some nasty bruises up and down her legs. TMZ has the pics!

Robin Thicke’s New Music Video Banned

Remember the days when music videos would get banned for being too hot for TV? Apparently, the new trend is “too hot for Youtube.” R&B crooner Thicke is the latest to have his video banned. Watch the clip on Huffington Post.

Emma Watson Reveals Sexy Look

The 22-year-old Harry Potter actress is steaming up the cover of GQ this month and talking about her new party girl role. TooFab has the full story with pics.

Melissa Joan Hart Loses 20 Pounds, Named Nutrisystem Spokesperson

After welcoming her third child in September, the actress has revealed that she’s already lost 20 pounds and is helping others lose the weight too. Us Weekly has the scoop.

Should “Buckwild” Be Cancelled?

Following the tragic death of one of the star’s of the show, there have been calls for MTV to cancel the reality show, FOX News reports.