‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Reunion Part 2: Mauricio Umansky’s In The Hot Seat

Mauricio Umansky’s loyalties are are put to the test and Adrienne Maloof’s spousal abuse is under scrutiny on Part 2 of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion special.

Part 2 of the reunion show unveiled stunning allegations made against Kyle Richards by Brandi Glanville.

Here are some of the jaw-dropping moments from the special.

Brandi accuses Kyle of liking when Kim is off the wagon: We’ve heard Brandi say some outrageous things since she debuted on RHOBH, but this takes the cake!

The feisty blonde claimed Kyle is happy as a chubby kid in a candy store, when her older sister Kim Richards fails at maintaining her sobriety. Needless to say, an appalled Kyle denied the allegations lobbied at her, but Kim remained mum when asked if she thought Brandi was right.

Adrienne’s allegations of spousal abuse are questioned: Just like last season with Taylor, the women doubted if Adrienne’s claims of being abused for years by ex-husband Paul Nassif were real. Even with photos provided by Adrienne’s trusty chef Bernie Guzman, the ladies wondered if this was just another tabloid stunt by Adrienne’s team.

Paul attends the reunion (sorta): Rumors swirled when word got out that Adrienne wouldn’t attend the reunion, because of her divorce agreement with Paul. It seems Paul missed that memo, since he tapped an exit interview for the viewers. Not only does Paul not trash the show, he actually says he doesn’t blame Brandi for the demise of his marriage! Sorry, Faye Resnick, guess your theories were debunked.

Pillow Party Pooper: Brandi stunned the room (and viewers like myself) when she revealed while Yolanda Foster cared for Kim on their trip to Paris, the Dutch beauty carted around a pillow for Ms. Richards, with poop stains! As Brandi and Kim argued, RHOBH viewers noticed Kim never called Brandi’s claims a lie…

Mauricio’s allegiance to Adrienne and Paul is scrutinized: The real estate mogul’s friendship with the Maloof-Nassif’s was under a microscope after it was revealed Mauricio helped to unload Adrienne’s house, and was currently helping her find a new house for her brood. Lisa and Brandi wondered if Mauricio and Kyle were cheerleaders for the duo all in the name of almighty dollar, something the couple scoffed at.

Buzz Moments

OMG!: Andy mentioning the women’s alleged net worths.

Thank you, TV gods: The women finally calling out Adrienne’s shady chef Bernie for running to the press. Come on Adrienne, time to put up or shut up with Bernie’s antics.

Awk-ward: Brandi chastising Mauricio for lashing out at her for her beef with Adrienne. Anyone else wanted to crawl under a table?

Hotness: Mauricio and Lisa’s hubby Ken Todd’s suits. Damn they looked sexy.

Fab-u-lous: Giggy! That dog knows how to steal a scene doesn’t he?

Can. Not. Wait.: For next season! We know once again, drama from the reunion will follow season 4 and I can’t wait.

Celebuzz Meter (1-10): 9.5

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