‘The Voice’ Recap: Let’s Hear It For The Bros

Another week, another great episode of The Voice!

No one excited me as much as last week’s standout Judith Hill, but there were some memorable (and highly entertaining) moments. Let’s share a hot cocoa and chat about it.

Nerds Represent! When Michelle Chamuel said she was there to represent “the nerdy people,” nerds around the world rejoiced. Her personality is so engaging – smart, a touch awkward and dryly funny. When she got onstage and performed Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl” like a woman possessed, it was a little shocking and a lot awesome. I love a strong female performance and I LOVE surprises, so this was a treat for me. I’ll even forgive her for the unfortunate band name “Ella Riot,” because that’s what the power of love can do. Kudos to Usher for adding Michelle to his arsenal.

Best Grandma Ever. I already found Karina Iglesias charming when she was schooling teens on the proper way to sing Coldplay (you do it by “stick[ing] your belly out!” in case you were wondering). Then, Grandma came on the scene and I was a goner. Grandma cheering Karina on from her wheelchair stole the show until Karina SANG. By the time she hit the power notes at the end of Melissa Etheridge’s “I’m the Only One,” Grandma was freaking out — and so was I. That was a gutsy performance, so I’m happy to see her on Team Adam (Oh, and Grandma? Call me, maybe?!).

“The Comeback Kid” Award. Garrett Gardner already did a blind audition in Season 3 (with no chair turns to show for it) and came back to give it another go this season – roaring and at times growling his way through The White Stripe’s “Seven Nation Army.” While it had a couple shaky moments, he made a compelling case for a button push and earned a spot on Team Shakira.

I am so in awe of this kid for coming back to audition again. What you don’t see watching the show is how time consuming and emotionally exhausting it is to go through the blind audition process. It’s not just showing up and stepping onstage. There are weeks of intense preparation, all while being sequestered in a hotel with other contestants who are jockeying for attention. It’s tough, and anyone who goes through that unsuccessfully and comes back for another round is a BOSS in my book.

Most Bromantic Moment. This (of course!) goes to Blake Shelton and Adam Levinefor the loving, tender hug that took their bromance to the next level. It was less “hey man, I like you” and more “let’s linger here awhile.” These guys have amazing chemistry and I’m enjoying every minute of it.

Best Unintentional Double Entendre. When Adam said, “There’s a rock chick inside of me too!” Rock chicks everywhere were suddenly all like, “Whoa, really? Is there room for one more?!” (Sorry, Mom! Everyone was thinking it!)

Southern Boys Do It Better. Oh, Warren Stone. Seriously, how about this guy with his firefighting and his adorable children and his southern accent? Warren’s sweet, touching performance of Zac Brown Band’s “Colder Weather” gave me chills and garnered him his pick of coaches. I don’t know what was more moving – his subtle tears backstage or Adam’s not so subtle ecstasy over stealing a country singer from Blake’s manly clutches.

Most Heartbreaking Lack of Chair Turns. One of the most difficult parts of watching The Voice is moments like this. Julie Roberts had a successful country music career that went off track and was looking for a second chance. In your usual Voice segments, that IS the backstory. However, she also lost her home and all her belongings in the Nashville floods and was recently diagnosed with MS. My God, what’s next? Locusts? Plague? If there’s anyone who deserves some good luck, it’s Julie, but her performance of Blake’s “God Gave Me You” was a bit rough around the edges and yielded no chair turns. Blake’s genuine dismay and regret at seeing her could’ve added insult to injury, but she handled the whole thing with grace. Her response to Carson’s “What are you going to do next? ” was “Get a glass of wine!” You and me both, Julie. You and me both.

The Voice Lessons Learned This Week:

  •  If you can get Usher to put his leg down, you are IN (I’m talking to you, Taylor Beckham)
  •  Once again, singing a coach’s song only works if you slay it, and Monique Abbadie did just that. Her sassy take on Shakira’s “Loca” secured Monique a spot on her idol’s team
  • If you can deliver a great performance AND give us comedy gold like “You just had your first Swoncert”, you’re winning at life (I’m looking at you Swon Brothers)

Leave some of your favorite (or least favorite) moments in the comments, and tune in tonight at 8PM EST as I live-tweet the next episode of The Voice (@katrinapmusic). You can also see me chat about next Monday’s episode of The Voice live (April 8 at 10PM PST) at www.afterbuzztv.com.

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