Vanessa Is Now On Twitter And Tumblr

Vanessa Hudgens' Style Evolution
From Disney star to designer-clad A-lister, see Hudgens' style over the years.
Basically, what she’s gonna do is tweet.

Vanessa Hudgens officially joined social media platforms Twitter and Tumblr, the Spring Breakers star announced Monday in a series of tweets and video messages.

“”BEEP BEEP… who got the keys to my TWEET? Vroooom!” ;)))” the 20-year-old actress wrote in her first of five tweets.

“That’s right love bugs, I’ve finally joined twitter AND tumblr,” she added. “Thanks for all the lovin’! You guys are seriously the best.”

Already, Hudgens has amassed over 800,000 followers on Twitter — not bad for just under 24 hours. (Expect her to eclipse 1 million by Tuesday.)

To follow Hudgens on Twitter and Tumblr, click here and here. You can also watch a special message from her in the video, above.

Better late than never, Baby V!