Zoos Vying For Justin’s Stranded Monkey

Justin Bieber’s stranded pet monkey Mally is in high demand.

Zoos in both London and Holland are fighting for the tiny 14-week-old capuchin monkey, that is, if its superstar owner fails to file the correct paperwork within the next month.

German customs official, Thomas Meister, confirmed to Celebuzz that Bieber had still not stepped-up to rescue his furry friend.

So Mally is currently being looked after by monkey expert Karl Heinz Joachim at a Munich animal shelter.

And the 64-year-old, who told to Germany’s Spiegel newspaper that he’s been inundated with calls about Mally’s welfare.

“If the monkey is not picked up, then we will give him away,” he said.

“We have already received inquiries from various zoos in the UK and Holland, who would be willing to accept him,” he added. “We will not be giving him away to a private owner.”

Despite being left behind by Bieber, Mally is gaining strength by the day — eating baby food, grapes and apples.

According to the German article, the expert believes that the cute capuchin should never have been separated from his mother and that’s why it’s so attached to cuddling his soft toy.

And sorry ‘Beliebers,’ you won’t get to take home this piece of Biebs any time soon. Joachim has ruled out attempts by the pop star’s millions of fans around the world to adopt the adorable creature.

“That would not be possible under German law,” he said. “Individual housing of monkeys is humanely with us not around in Germany and is not approved.”

As reported by Celebuzz, Mally was confiscated by German customs officials after Bieber brought the baby monkey into the country on his private jet last Thursday en route for his Believe tour because he didn’t have the official paperwork.

The “Boyfriend” singer may face a hefty fine, plus be required to fill in the correct papers, to be re-united with his tiny pet.

It seems Mally was a gift from record producer Mally Mall, who tweeted a photo of Biebs with his new pet with the caption: “OG MALLY FIRST PIC WITH HIS POPS @JUSTINBIEBER.”

Bieber does not have the best luck with pets. He gave away his hamster to a random fan last December before the tiny creature sadly passed away.

Should Bieber be reunited with Mally or would his furry friend be better off being cared for at a zoo? Leave your comments below.

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