5 Things We Can Expect In Season 5 Of ‘Tabatha Takes Over’

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Prepare for another takeover.

The fifth season of Bravo’s Tabatha Takes Over premieres Thursday and Tabatha Coffey is returning to revamp 12 new businesses from the ground up.

So, what does this season bring?

Here are five things the Queen of Hair herself told us to expect:

1. Salons vs. Barbershops 

On an upcoming episode, Coffey — who is more familiar with hair salons — will tackle her very first barbershop.

“One of the biggest differences between a barber shop and a beauty salon is the role of the business. Barber shops are usually in and out, and have a high volume turnover and a lot of barbers don’t realize that they can put extra services in, like taking your time on the hair cut,” she says. “And that’s what guys want to do. So it was a stubborn group. A lot of testosterone in the room! It was exciting to me because I love the skill of barbering. I think it’s an amazing craft, and I was really happy to go in and help them get their business back on track.”

2. She’s Still Distributing Tough Love

Although Coffey will be deviating from her initial salon takeovers, her methods won’t change with the change of venue.

“You’ll see me be tough, and you’ll see me use the tactics that I use to really get my point across, to have business owners realize how dire their situation is,” she tells us. “The thing with me, though is that once I’ve committed to taking over, I will do everything in my power to do the best of my ability, to get through to everyone, and whip them into shape, and turn things around. And then after my week is done, I follow through and make sure they keep implementing those changes.”

3. She’s Heading To The South 

The last four seasons of Tabatha Takes Over have mainly centered around the west and east coasts, but Season 5 will see Coffey helping businesses in Tennessee.

“In the premiere episode, I got to take over a business in East Nashville, which is an up and coming area. The area is growing around the business owner quickly so [the owner is] really trying to keep up with the times, and that was one of her business problems,” Coffey says. “In Tennessee, you’ll see four very distinctively different businesses with four sets of different business problems.”

4. She May Have Met Her Match When It Comes To Difficult Business Owners

With four seasons already under her belt, Coffey has had more than her share of uncompromising people. In Season 5, the drama only seems to be escalating.

“I really encountered some stubborn, hard-headed people this season — which I can appreciate because I can be like that as well,” she says. “But when you try to show them different ways of doing things, or make them understand the problems in their business, it can be very frustrating! So you’ll see a lot of frustrated Tabatha this season!”

5. She Is Trying To Deviate From Her Previous Tabatha’s Salon Takeover Shows 

Don’t worry, Salon Takeover fans! Though Coffey is expanding her repertoire to other branches of business, she isn’t completely abandoning the pleas for help from beauty salon owner.

“In the last season, we expanded from just taking over beauty salons into other small businesses — and that’s what we did in Season 5. You will see a mixture of hair salons and other businesses that we takeover,” she says of the upcoming season. “Business is business. My craft is hair dressing, but the same problems come up time and time again from several businesses and that’s why we decided to go into other businesses. If you’re a business owner and an entrepreneur, the same issues will arise.”

Season 5 of ‘Tabatha Takes Over’ premieres on April 4th, at 10PM ET on Bravo.

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