Beyonce Has A Special Message For You

Beyonce Knowles had fans all up in arms Wednesday morning after she posted a YouTube video with a very special save the date.

“4.4.2013,” the video, in which Knowles briefly appears, read. “9AM EDT. #BeyHereNow.”

What she’ll announce remains to be seen, and from here, we can only speculate; however, given the video features a never-before-heard beat, as well as a little homage to Single Ladies, one can assume she’ll be releasing some type of new music.

If so, it will be the latest teaser from the Grammy-winning mega-star; in March, she posted clips from two new songs, titled “Bow Down” and “I Been Here,” respectively. (For the record: The beat in the video posted Wednesday appears to be totally different from those tracks, which means she might be releasing something new altogether. In which case, awesome.)

Of course, Beyonce is a tricky celebrity to pin down, so the teaser could have something to do with her Mrs. Carter Show tour, which kicks off 12 days from now in Serbia. Or it could have something to do with her five-year anniversary to Jay-Z, which is tomorrow. (Unlikely, but whatever.)

Anyway, whatever she announces, make sure you’re online to hear it Thursday morning at 9AM — because, when Queen B speaks, you listen.

What do you think Beyonce’s big announcement will be? Sound off, below.