Watch: Why Kim and Kyle Richards' Onscreen Exchange Was 'Harrowing'

Alex McCord returns with her take on part two of Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” reunion episode.

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills two-part reunion may have concluded on Monday night, but we’re totally still talking about it at our water cooler. Care to join us?

Awesome – we’re glad to have you! And we have a very special friend who’s dishing on all the RHOBH drama: Alex McCord, reality TV correspondent and former NY Housewife. That’s right: Alex herself is sounding off on all the topics that had us on the edge of our seats (well, couches). For one, Paul Nassif’s exit interview. Alex is glad he had a chance to say goodbye, and so are we: that stuff about wishing his parents would have pulled the plug on their marriage kind of tugged at our hearts.

But perhaps the biggest OMG moment came from Kyle and Kim Richards. Alex calls their onscreen heart-to-heart “the most harrowing exchange” she’s ever seen on a reunion, and we agree.

As for Mauricio Umansky, he was certainly on defense most of the night, huh? Alex thinks he fended off Brandi Glanville best – and you’ll find out why.

And that brings us to everyone’s favorite bad girl: Miss Glanville herself. Can the bomb that Brandi dropped on Kyle somehow be healing? And what came out of her mouth – well, what didn’t? – that Alex finds truly “shocking?”

Watch the vlog, above, to find out. Then let us know whether or not you agree with Alex in the comments section below.




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  • gilda222

    1. Alex, good to see you again 2. Brand's bombshell: I interpreted as Brandi really meaning, "Kyle, you haven't supported Kim." And she was right. Brandi was nervous and as you well know, nerves a lot of times makes us say the wrong things. She realized this later & wrote about it. 3. Was it wise & is it wise for Kim to recover on a Reaity Show? Really? 4. Shouldn't Kim recover at home w/support groups & a sponsor--away from all the drama that's required on the show? Good seeing you. Wish you were back.

  • annieg

    Having grown up the younger sister to an older alcoholic sister, I can understand what Brandi was trying to get at. Kyle's relationship to Kim has been shaped by Kim's alcoholism and everything that goes down between them is colored by that dependency. Kyle doesn't know how to be a sister to a sister that is completely sober. It is a HUGE adjustment to learn how to relate to a family member, especially one you're close to, who is no longer using their drug of choice. It takes a long time and yes, at times you wish things were as they used to be because you knew those rules. Obviously, Brandi was wrong (once again) to say it, but I would be willing to wager Kyle has felt that way even though she won't admit it!

  • Calvin Right
    Calvin Right

    No Kyle did not leap up to sit next to Kim. I think Lisa gestured to swap seats. then Kyle sat there and played with her jap hair extensions and didnt so much as touch Kim! Lisa was holding her hand and hugging her far more than Kyle and Lisa's not even a huggy person normally! Plus the Maloof t-shirt was made just in case she showed up to the reunion it doesnt prove that Bravo wanted to keep her on! No way in hell would they put up with all her nonsense for another season she's not worth the hassle. All the legal threats and refusals to film group scenes...they aint got time for that! They want rid just like 99.99% of viewers do.

  • Calvin Right