‘American Idol’: 10 Things You Didn’t See On TV

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It’s Rock Week on American Idol and that means no ballads, no blues and no mercy from the house band’s big backing. The FOX show’s Top 7 contestants took their best stab at the up-tempo songs — a fete that proved challenging for a majority of the bunch.

Here are ten things you didn’t see when the cameras stopped rolling.

1.) Mariah Carey’s mood. Mimi was in particularly good spirits Wednesday night. She was flirting with the crowd and turned around in swivel chair more often than usual. At one point, she yelled back at a group of adoring fans, “I love you darlings!” During one commercial break, she even kicked out her leg from the under the judge’s table. Someone was feeling fun and frisky.

2.) Janelle can rap. During a commercial break, Janelle Arthur joined in on the audience’s activities while waiting onstage for her turn to shine. The country cutie mouthed every word of the infamous Fresh Prince of Bel-Airtheme song. Impressive.

3.) Keith Urban on daddy duty. The Aussie judge has a super special guest at the judge’s table during a commercial break. His daughter, Sunday Rose, spent time in his chair and chatted with Nicki Minaj and Randy Jackson before scurrying backstage with an awfully large bodyguard.

4.) The guest guitarist got no breaks. Orianthi was onstage all night long playing guitar for the Top 7 contestants. During the breaks, she stayed onstage and strummed the strings or simply stood on the sidelines while the sets got swapped. By the end of the night, there’s no way those boots weren’t killing her as much as Candice Glover’s broken toe!

5.) New audience warmer.The crowd got treated to a new audience warmer Wednesday night. This guy is more aggressive than the usual hype man, prompting the audience to stretch, sing and even give each other back massages. He found a sweet couple in the crowd who have been married for 57 years and treated them to a fancy Subway dinner.

6.) Nicki is ALWAYS on her phone. When the director yells, “Clear!” Nicki Minaj goes straight for her cell phone. The rambunctious rapper is always texting or tweeting or doing something on her gadget while her team touches her up. She also has a snack of some sort most of the time. Wonder what she’s munching on?

7.) Courageous camera crews. When the singers are moving around onstage, there are at least two camera crews anticipating their every step. When Lazaros Arbos took the stage, one two-man crew had to film him backwards as he walked quickly across the platform. One misstep and there would be a major blinder on live television.

8.) The band was booming. For most of the show, the contestants’ voices were hard to hear over the extra loud band inside the studio. Candice Glover was the first performer whose voice stood out above the blaring band. The other standout singer was Amber Holcomb, who managed to sing over the ruckus.

9.) Kree was really hurting. While I didn’t notice anything off with Kree Harrison before Keith Urban called her out, her face said it all during post-show interviews. The usually smiley sweetheart did her best to brave through the pain, but her pinched nerve was making her miserable. “I’m trying to do my best and enjoy this week, but the truth is I just can’t,” she admitted. “I’m emotional because I am in so much pain.”

10.) Amber likes Burnell too. During tonight’s pre-recorded segments, we got to take a closer look at the contestant’s personalities. Burnell Taylor revealed his crush on Amber Holcomb in front of the world, but when the cameras cut, she admitted the feeling is mutual. “Everybody is asking me about that! I didn’t expect it, but I guess I already knew a little bit. Burnell is a great guy. I guess the feeling is mutual,” she said. Is there another Idol hook up heading or way?

How did you think the contestants did on Wednesday’s show? Sound off in the comments.

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