Queen B Is Back As A ‘Grown Woman’

The wait is over.

Almost two years after dropping her last album, 4, Queen B has granted the world brand-new music. Beyoncé has debuted a portion of “Grown Woman,” the first track off her highly-anticipated, as-of-yet-untitled fifth studio album, in the first commercial from her previously announced partnership with Pepsi.

In the spot entitled “Mirrors,” Beyoncé faces off against her some of her most famed personalities of days gone past — from “Bootylicious” Beyoncé, to “Sasha Fierce,” to “Crazy in Love” — in a dance-off.

The creative collaboration opens with Beyoncé, donning cropped leather shorts and a see-through top, dancing solo in an empty mirrored studio. She takes a breather, cracks open a can of Pepsi, and sips down the soda. As she stares into a mirror, Beyoncé sees her “Bootylicious” self appear in place of her reflection.

Soon, the Grammy-winning singer is surrounded by her previous personas. Together they bring back to life some of Beyoncé’s most buzzed-about dance moves, from her hand-flipping “Single Ladies” swerve, to her hip-shaking “Bootylicious” sway, to her “Crazy In Love” strut, to form a fresh routine.

Then, just as the song hits its crescendo, the mirrors shatter — symbolizing Beyoncé breaking free from her former selves. By showcasing how her past has helped her become the “Grown Woman” she is now, the spot embodies Pepsi’s new “Live for Now” brand spirit.

“I had so much fun collaborating on this campaign with Pepsi. I got to re-live some of my favorite past characters and looks. It was the first time I saw those costumes in years and it was very emotional,” the singer explained in an announcement on her website. “I’m proud of those moments and they all connect in some way and have helped me evolve into who I am today.”

Watch the new commercial (above) then weigh in on her Beyoncé’s first new music in almost two years in the comments below.

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