Behold: The Best Reader Comments Of The Week

Well, well, well. What have we here?

Oh, just Celebuzz’s weekly comment recap — CommentBuzz — in which we feature the best comments you — yes, you! — made this week.

We do this every week, so if you would like a little slice of front page fame next Friday, simply leave comments on your favorite articles.

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for…

Everyone’s excited for the return of Arrested Development:

“I’ve been waiting so long for this! Just gives me an excuse to re-watch every episode again from the first!” – Amanda Hittinger

We can all agree that Britney Spears is looking good these days:

“still fine as wine.” – jbd59

Once again, we all come together to worship at the altar of Jennifer Lawrence:

There is kind of a sadness that happens when you look into someone’s eyes and you realize that they’re looking at you a certain way, like you are not really you.

That’s why we love her, because she can’t be anyone but who she really is. Aside from her candor, she is insanely talented. But, now I know, if I see her in public, DON’T GUSH.” – Eric Walker

“I really like Kristen Stewart. I like JLaw. I like that Irish actor with the funny name. But Kristen blew it AND her career. I marvel at how stupid some people are who have it all. She is thought of as a hoe by many. I still like her, but it’s very difficult liking a stupid person. JLaw is neat, fresh, and rough. Great actor.–very great actor. She only has 3 million in the bank. The Irish actor with those eyes has 2.5 million. Kristen has over 75 million, and is the least talented of the three.” – KristenManiac

Some of us got a little bit sassy on a post about Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian:

“gerl plz. no1 hurr 4 dat. no1curr. aint nobodey gotz taim fo dat! bai.” – shanaynay

To conclude, let us all look back on — and discuss — the week in Kim Kardashian’s Ongoing Pregnancy Style Controversy:

“Kim Looks great not Bec you are pregnant does it mean you should stop being sexy dressing up wearing fitted clothes makeup heals etc is sad to see most pregnant women let them selves go do their hair wear sexy clothes heals and make up she looks sexy and beautiful” – bonita

“I think she looks so uncomfortable being pregnant, and it just looks like she has given up when it comes to clothes. Think Kourt dressed a lot better when she was pregnant, she should take some advice from her!” – Selma

“I love Kim, everyone gains a lil weight during a pregnancy , she will get back in shape in no time , and to b honest I think she looks amazing!” – Karma401

That’s all for this week, Celebuzzers!

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