Joyce Kulhawik Remembers Roger Ebert: ‘I Loved The Man’

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Joyce Kulhawik, who was one of the rotating chairs on Roger Ebert & the Movies after the death of Gene Siskel in 1999, remembers Roger Ebert in the wake of his death on Thursday.

“I worked with Roger for over 20 years from trading Oscar picks on the Red Carpet, to being his co-host in the balcony on his weekly show, thumb to thumb,” Kulhawik shared in a statement released exclusively to Celebuzz. “It remains the highlight of my career as a critic. Roger was brilliant, funny, linguistically gifted, deeply honest and had a voracious appetite for life and joy. He was pleasure to argue with because it was never about him– it was always about the content, the movie, the work. He was enormously tolerant of divergent viewpoints and had an innate sense of fairplay. He also told the best jokes!!”

“He was the sun and we were satellites. He never quit even when he couldn’t talk. He will always be a reference point for me and millions of others who looked to him to shed some light. We Skyped about a year ago, and I wanted to reach through the screen and hug him. I loved the man.”

Ebert died Thursday in Chicago after a lengthy battle with cancers of the thyroid and salivary gland. He was 70.

A veteran of TV journalism, Kulhawik currently serves as the President of the Boston Theater Critics Association. For more on her career — and latest posts — visit herĀ official website.