NeNe: I’m Making A Baby With Justin Bartha

Now this is The New Normal.

After announcing her engagement in January, NeNe Leakes is ready to redo to her “I do” to her ex-husband Greg Leakes. But he isn’t the man she sees as her baby daddy.

“I’m going to have my baby with Justin Bartha,” The Real Housewives of Atlanta star told Celebuzz at the Bravo upfront of her costar on the hit NBC comedy, The New Normal. “I love Justin…dearly. I mean, I miss him more than I miss anybody on the set. He’s so funny, he’s such a great guy. And we’re going to have a baby together.”

And it could become a reality, as Bartha is completely on board. “NeNe Leakes is perfection on 8-inch heels,” he recently told USA Today. “She is my beautiful, black soul sister, soul mate, and we will make a baby one day and name is Crissy.”

But do they have the blessing of Leakes’s hubby-to-be? “[Because] that could be a deal breaker,” noted her RHOA costar Porsha Stewart. “Greg is fine with it,” Leakes said.

“Greg I’m very close with also. We have an arrangement,” Bartha explained. “They obviously are very devoted to each other but she is allowed to lay with me whenever she would like because Greg is not threatened by me.”

Though they are clearly chummy now, Leakes and Bartha didn’t bond right off the bat. “It’s so interesting [because] when we first met each other on set I didn’t feel a connection right away,” she recalled. “And I guess Justin is like me — we had to watch each other and figure out, ‘Does this work? Does this work?’ [But now] I love him.”

As for the other main man in her life, a wedding in on the horizon. “We are hoping to get married soon and the planning is going really slow,” Leakes said. “I’ve been working a lot, so we haven’t been able to do a lot of planning. So, hopefully marrying soon.”

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