Oh Hey There, Maxwell Johnson

Jessica Simpson and her crew left the Camuto Group offices in Westwood, Calif., Thursday where the Hollywood mom runs shop on her fashion empire.

Fiance Eric Johnson carried their 11-month-old daughter, Maxwell Johnson out to the car while Simpson followed (in flats. A new thing for she-who-loves-her-wedges)

Methinks Maxwell might be the cutest kid in Hollywood (with Penelope Disick coming in a close second. Babies in tights. Babies. In. Tights).

Vanity Fair went ahead with a celebrity birthing countdown, gathering all sorts of information to determine when Simpson, Kim Kardashian, Penelope Cruz and the Duchess of Cambridge will pop out their heirs. According to the countdown meter, Simpson is due in early August.


The DoC is due mid-July and she isn’t even showing. Not to mention that Simpson announced her second pregnancy on Christmas Day 2012.

My third grade-level math isn’t adding up…