You Voted – Now Meet March’s Ultimate Music Crush Winner

Last month, we asked you to pick your Ultimate Music Crush for March – and now we’re pleased to report that you have crowned a winner!

March’s nominees represented some of the hottest breakout artists in the industry: The Ready Set, Bebe Rexha and This Century.  And the winner is: The Ready Set!

The Ready Set is Jordan Mark Witzigreuter the lead and sole member of the band that was signed by Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz to his label Decaydance back in 2009. In the video above, you can see him in an exclusive interview with Buzzmaker Dani Vitale!

To pick your favorite artist/band for next month, simply visit The Ultimate Crush page, vote and ask your burning question.  You may even get a tweet shout out from the artist!

Check back often for your chance to vote on more emerging artists – and let the world know about your Ultimate Music Crush.