‘Showbiz Tonight’ And Celebuzz Countdown: The Top 5 Buzzmakers Of The Week

Who dissed Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy fashion? What does John Mayer have to say about his breakup with Katy Perry? Plus, details on Justin Bieber’s monkey business.

AJ Hammer of Showbiz Tonight counts down the top five buzzmakers of the week.

No. 5: Donald Trump – When asked about Kardashian’s pregnancy, the entrepreneur revealed that he believes the reality star has “gotten a little bit large,” and that nobody should dress like they weigh 120 pounds.

No. 4: John Mayer – In his latest appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the singer confirmed his breakup with Perry, but has decided to keep the details of the split private.

No. 3: D. L. Hughley – The comedian, who is currently on Dancing with the Stars, isn’t laughing about the criticism he’s receiving. Hughley claims that the judges have crossed a line, and that he doesn’t “like being bullied by anyone.”

No. 2: Shain Gandee – It has now been confirmed that the 21-year-old has passed away from carbon monoxide poisoning. The Buckwild star’s truck got submerged in mud while he was off-roading.

No. 1: Justin Bieber – The popstar has caused an international incident over a monkey! Bieber tried to get his pet monkey into Germany, but government officials weren’t having it.

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