‘Mad Men’ Season 6 Premiere: 10 Biggest Moments From Season 5

It’s been a heck of a long time sincethe Mad Men season 5 finale aired (okay, fine, 10 months), and if your memory is shoddy as ours is, you’re going to need a little primer heading into tonight’s much-anticipated premiere.

Remember when Don’s new wife Megan sang en francais? Or when his old wife Betty got kind of, you know, fat?

Below, check out the eight most memorable moments from season 5 for the ultimate Mad Men refresher course.

Megan Sings …
Whatever your opinion of Megan is, it’s hard to argue that she was the centerpiece of season 5, which kicked off with her seductive, if slightly off-key, rendition of ‘Zou Bisou Bisou.’ Tres bien.

… And Then She Quits
Despite the potential for a promising career at Sterling Draper Cooper Price, Megan decides to quit the firm to pursue a career in acting, instead, leaving the fate of the feminist movement in question.

Peggy Quits, Too
What do you do when you’re fed up with a co-worker like Don Draper? Why, you get another job, of course! That’s exactly what Peggy did at the tail-end of the season. In doing so, she not only severed her testy working relationship with Don, she forever altered the dynamic of the show.

Lane Puts Pete In His Place
After a boardroom meeting takes a turn for the testy, Lance challenges Pete to a fight and knocks him to the ground in the process. It took five seasons to happen, but at least someone finally did it.

Lane Says Goodbye
Of course, Lane’s success was short-lived in season 5. In fact, no one quite had a rougher go than he did after he landed himself in a heat of financial debt. His quick-fix attempt (he cashed his Christmas bonus early without telling anybody) got him sacked by Don and led him to hang himself in his office.

Betty Gains Weight
In a startling twist, Don Draper’s notoriously petite ex-wife, Betty, returns to the show about 50 pounds heavier. One cancer scare later, Betty decides to shed the pounds (but keep the attitude, of course) by joining Weight Watchers.

Pete Has An Affair With Rory Gilmore
Pete’s seemingly happy marriage to Trudy hits a rough patch when he gets involved with the married woman of a fellow-commuter. On the show, the affair ends tragically. (Beth undergoes electroshock therapy to treat her depression, and loses memory of Pete as a result.) In real life, it led to the engagement of stars Vincent Kartheiser and Alexis Bledel.

Joan’s Bad Marriage Ends Badly
Joan’s marriage falls apart when her deadbeat husband, Greg, returns from Vietnam, only to return again, voluntarily. Fed up with his deadbeatness (come on, Greg sucked), Joan agrees to end the marriage, leaving her to raise their child alone.

Joan Makes A Devastating Decision
While the end of Joan’s marriage was a great feminist moment, it left her with a whole lot of responsibilities — not to mention bills to pay. Stuck between a rock and a hard place, Joan heartbreakingly agrees to spend the night with a Jaguar executive — and makes partner in return.

Don Takes Life’s Ultimate Test
Is Don Draper a changed man? Can he stay faithful to Megan? That’s the question we’re left with in the final scene of season 5, when a pretty girl walks into a bar and catches Don’s eye. Odds are, Don will finally keep it in his pants, but with that guy, you never can tell.

Mad Men season 6 premieres at 9/8c on AMC.

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