Would You Buy This Kate Middleton Doll?

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During her trip to Scotland on Friday, the Duchess of Cambridge was shown a terrifying doll, designed in her likeness.  Though the hair was voluminous, the dress was a far cry from the sought-after Issa design it was aiming to replicate.  Long sleeves, doll maker.  Long sleeves!

“No! Oh no, is that me? Is that meant to be me?” Catherine asked the doll’s owner, Dayna Miller when she saw the eyesore.  “Does my hair really look like that!”

Miller, bless her heart, put the doll on her Christmas List.  Her mom, Sharon was able to find it on eBay, and now we all have nightmares.

Do you have a frightening doll you’d like to tell us about?  Quite frankly, I want to know.

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