10 Things You Should Know About YouTube’s ‘Exit Vine’ Series

Ever wanted to make decisions for your favorite characters? Enter YouTube series Exit Vine.

Created by Red Bull Media House and starring some of YouTube’s most-subscribed stars, the original scripted series follows the journey of Natalie Lake (played by Hannah Mullholland), a singer from the Midwest who moves to Los Angeles to start a band in pursuit of the big Hollywood dream.

After each episode, the audience helps Natalie and her band make critical decisions that will ultimately take them closer or further away from their dream by casting a vote in the comments — with the winning option written into the next episode.

So, why is this series so special?

Here are 10 things you should know about Exit Vine.

1. Exit Vine follows the story of a young girl named Natalie Lake, a singer who moves to Los Angeles to start a band in pursuit of a music career.

2. Natalie Lake used to date her band’s old bass player for four years. She broke it off with him to pursue her dream and felt he was holding her back.

3. Following the first episode, YouTube fans voted for Natalie’s band to be named Ambicide, which ironically means “killing a friend.”

4. After winning a contest to open for pop star Encore (Mia Rose), Ambicide got major looks from three record label executives: Niel Dursh and Moog (DaveDays and SimplySpoons respectively), Jared Cox (Joe Bereta of YouTube’s Barats and Bereta) and Dashka Yentushenkova (HotForWords).

5. After rocking a killer show before Encore’s set, Natalie kisses her best friend Charlie (Kyle Buckley) backstage for the first time!

6. The band’s manager — and Charlie’s cousin — is played by the hilarious HiimRawn of Maker’s Studio.

7. There are only two episodes left!

8. Encore and everyone in Ambicide play their own instruments and have performed together at festivals such as Playlist Live in Orlando, Fla.

9. Episodes of Exit Vine have been filmed at legendary Los Angeles landmarks including the world famous Roxy Theatre.

10. All originals songs featured in Exit Vine were recorded at Red Bull Studio Los Angeles where notable artists like Weezer, MIA, Travis Barker, Thrice, 50 Cent, Big Boi and more have recorded.

BONUS: Exit Vine is the first original scripted web series by Red Bull Media House.

On the new episode, Ambicide meets their new record producer Lil’ Steve (Greg Benson), who believes that his electrifying idea is going
to set them off as the next big thing. With a new sound in the works, the band is in need of a brand new image — and it’s up to viewers to decide if Ambicide should choose a rock, punk or retro 70s look as their band image.

Watch the latest episode n the video — above!