It’s A Hold-Up, Gosling Style

Ryan Gosling didn’t quite get the reaction he expected when he held up a bank in front of real people.

Yes, you heard right — and he may have that bad boy edge we all know and love — but don’t worry Gosling-loving gals, he won’t ever make America’s Most Wanted.

The heartthrob filmed the scene for his new film The Place Beyond the Pines, but the bank customers and staff didn’t exactly hit the floor, MSN reports.

“I’m there with a gun and I look down and people are just smiling. They were just enjoying the show and I think I spotted someone filming me on their camera phone as I robbed the place,” revealed The Gangster Squad star.

In the movie — which co-stars his real life girlfriend Eva Mendes — Gosling plays tattoo-covered, Luke, a motorcycle stunt rider who turns to robbing banks as a way to provide for his lady and their newborn child.

Ironically, Gosling who was voted “America’s Most Wanted Man” by People Magazine this year — didn’t strike the fear of God into the public as a tough-guy criminal… even if it was just make-believe.

But with his chiseled face, baby-blue eyes and ab-tastic body, maybe the starstruck extras were just a bit distracted?

Well, we don’t blame them.

Would you have cowered away or fawned over Gosling if you had been one of the lucky extras? Tell us your comments below.

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