WATCH: Cuteness Overload — Baby Otter Learns To Swim

Celebuzz wants to welcome your mid-day Monday with a little cup of Mo.

This baby otter earns some MAJOR cuteness points to start your day on a high note.

So here we go… if you thought otters just instinctively know how to swim — well, you’re wrong.

And beyond-adorable baby river otter Molalla and her mommy are here to show you how it’s done… otter style.

We are gushing over this the newborn pup who has called the Oregon Zoo home for nine weeks now — and with the help of his very pushy mom he’s learning to walk around… and get this… swim!

Like all babies, Molalla looks like he’s just NOT having it, but mama Tilly doesn’t take no for an answer, obviously.

You’ve got to take a look for yourself: Mom actually flops Mo around, dragging him into the water… in her mouth!

Like a ragdoll, they both make a dive to the amazement of all the onlookers.

Take a look at all the cuteness for yourself in the video above.

Do you think Molalla earns some serious cuteness points? Let us know what you think below.

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