Your Daily #CaptionContest Winners Are...

We reveal the winners of Friday's "Beyonce posing in a taxi" #CaptionContest.

Happy Monday, Celebuzzers! Did everyone have a nice weekend? Relaxing? Exciting? All the things ending in "ing"?

Let's all ease back into the work week together by reading some of our favorite #CaptionContest submissions.

On Friday, we asked our Facebook fans to add a caption to this photo of Beyoncé rocking out in a taxi. Is this a new thing for her? We don't judge. (Because we're scared.)

We'll shut up now and let the winning captions speak for themselves:

"Say no no no to all the scrubs you dont pay my bills im a survivor no longer a single lady but still a independat woman although crazy in love lets count down till women run then world untill then bow down bitches ....P.s money up front " - Joydilla

"Step on it cabbie can't keep Jay Z waiting!" - Pat

"if anyone can make a taxi look glam it's Beyonce' - Nanette

"They see me rollin ... they hatin" - M'Claire

"Need a Ride? Bow Down Bitches Lol" - Giselle

Nice work! Visit our Facebook page for a new #CaptionContest challenge.



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