23 GIFs That Prove Why Kristen Stewart’s Secretly Awesome

There may be a lot of Kristen Stewart haters out there, but there are a lot more reasons why she’s actually one of the most awesome actresses in Hollywood.

Though the Twilight star — who turns 23 Tuesday — is already a part of a successful film franchise, she’s very much relatable and down-to-earth.

In fact, the low-key Stewart was recently spotted with on-again beau Robert Pattinson — who had been in Australia filming The Rover for the past two months — celebrating their reunion at a local karaoke bar.

In honor of another candle KStew’s birthday cake, Celebuzz has gathered 23 GIFs that shows just how awesome this megastar really is. Sure, she’s a bit awkward and has that hair thing going on, but if anything — this girl knows how to keep her cool.

See why Stewart naysayers should become yaysayers below.

1.) She’s just like one of the guys.

2.) She’s not afraid of a little danger.

3.) She’s, like, kind of a badass.

4.) Think you’re so witty with your RPattz joke? Think again — Kristen also like to poke fun at him.

5.) Seriously, she not afraid to be silly.

6.) Like most of us, she’s super clumsy.

7.) She can relate to guys. 

8.) Like most girls, she secretly prefers to be in comfy shoes.

9.) And owns up to it.

10.) She doesn’t take herself too seriously — even at red carpet events.

11.) She too questions the logistics of Breaking Dawn’s birthing scene.

12) She gives kids good messages.

13.) She over-thinks like us.

14.) She got to make out with RPattz for her job. (C’mon, like you would resist him!)

15.) She loves to dance.

16.) She gets intimidated by others.

18.) She gives herself random nicknames.

19.) She knows exactly what the rest of us cat-ladies are thinking about.

20.) If you boo her, she’ll boo you right back.

21.) She can laugh with — and sometimes at — her boyfriend.

22.) She’s just insanely cool without trying.

23.) And at the end of the day, she’s just plain ol’ Kristen.

All photos courtesy of Tumblr.

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