Ashley Tisdale Tosses Out Her Top For ‘Maxim’

Ashley Tisdale is leaving that Disney good-girl image in the dust.

The actress, who rose to fame on the High School Musical franchise, is proving she’s anything but child-friendly these days in the May 2013 issue of Maxim, on newsstands now. Donning ruffed bikini bottoms and a leather biker jacket, Tisdale smolders for the camera in a skin-baring beach photo spread, in which she opens up about men, family and filming with Lindsay Lohan.

“There’s definitely a thing where I like the dark, mysterious bad boy,” Tisdale, 27, describes of her type, while adding she wouldn’t turn down “surfer, blond frat guys.”

And once she’s set her sights on a man, she wants to cut to the chase. “I’m not into the ‘game’ so much,” says the star, whose dating record includes musician Jared Murillo and music video director Scott Speer. “If I like you, I’ll confront you and be open about it. Then I expect you to come after me.”

After starring on the small screen in recent years, such as Hellcats and Sabrina: Secrets of a Teenage Witch, Tisdale is headed back to theaters this year with her lead in Scary Movie V, a reboot of the famed spoof franchise on which she collaborated with Lindsay Lohan.

“I think Lindsay’s great!” she gushes. “There were so many cameos, and that’s what I love about these movies. They’d write a scene, then look for cameos, and they’d just pop in and do it. It was, like, Whoa, Mike Tyson’s here, and that wasn’t even planned!”

Unlike some other child stars, Tisdale didn’t following familial footsteps into Hollywood. “The family on my mom’s side, their whole business is inventing and pitching stuff,” she explains. “My grandfather is in infomercials. He’s a pitchman, so if you’re ever watching TV late at night, you’ll probably see him pitching knives. My great-grandfather also invented the plastic cheese grater.”

But now that she’s in the spotlight to stay, Tisdale and her family have had to field their fair share of over-zealous fans.  “Once I Instagrammed a picture of me waking up, and the next day this older gentleman came to my parents’ house saying he wasn’t going to leave till he saw me,” she recalls. “I was like, maybe I shouldn’t have taken a picture of me in bed?”

Be amazed by Tisdale’s bikini body in the gallery above. What do you make of her transformation from HSM to Scary Movie? Chime in below.

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