Chris Brown Parties With Blonde Amid Rihanna Breakup Rumors

Is the book finally closed on Chris Brown and Rihanna’s relationship?

Brown recently silenced speculation that he had split from his longtime on-again, off-again love, telling the Today show that “everything’s good.” But now, the rumor mill is suggesting once more that the oft-controversial couple has really called it quits.

E! News reports that while Rihanna will always hold Brown in her heart, she is ready to put the romance behind her. It’s not that RiRi has her sights set on another man — she simply plans to focus on her singing career and other professional ventures, such as her forays into fashion and perfume.

But is Brown already falling into the arms of a new lady love? The “Fine China” hit-maker was spotted drinking, dancing and holding hands with a beautiful blonde at Hollywood hotspot Playhouse on Sunday night.

The snaps of the two sparked questions — and even some baseless accusations that the woman was the blame for Brown and Rihanna’s split. But it turns out she is just Brown’s occasional party pal, 22-year-old Keisha Kimball, who waits on the the R&B star at Playhouse.

“I am always Chris’ waitress. I know him and am friends with his friends. Nothing has ever happened. I just work there,” Kimball told TMZ. “In the photos, he was handing me a bottle to drink out of. Of course people are going to twist it another way. I don’t go for black guys.”

Meanwhile, when she hasn’t been on stage for her Diamonds world tour, Rihanna has been hitting the town solo. As Brown partied at Playhouse Sunday, the “Stay” singer sat courtsideat the Lakers game before grabbing a few galpals and took on Greystone nightclub in Beverly Hills, where she was spotted lighting up a blunt.

Now armed with all the facts, do you think Brown and Rihanna are still together? Or are both back to their single status? Weigh in below.

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