Meet The Kardashians’ Newest No. 1 Fan

The Kardashians have millions of fans the world over (paws up, dolls), and can now add one more to that long list.

Child actor-turned-troubled-starlet Amanda Bynes just tweeted her love for the famous reality gals.

And we can’t blame her for loving the sister trio made up of Kim, Kourtney and Khloe… but Bynes didn’t end her shout-out there.


She even gives herself some nods by calling out her fave pap pics… and her hairdresser. Oy!


The former Nickelodeon star has made a habit out of making some shocking revelations via social media as of late, including confessing April 4 that she suffers from an eating disorder.

Ever since her DUI arrest just over a year ago, the actress migrated from the West Coast to the East Coast, where she transformed herself from girl next door to “who’s that girl?”  – complete with curly platinum blonde hair, cheek piercings, matte makeup, questionable clothing, and bizarre behavior (locking herself in a bakery bathroom for more than 30 minutes takes the cake.)

Oh, and we can’t forgot her endless selfies showcasing her latest looks.

Yet through it all, Bynes is just being Bynes, telling Celebuzz exclusively in September that reports of her downward spiral were “all lies” and that she was doing perfectly fine, even though her family has been overwhelmed with worry.

What do you think of Amanda’s latest TMI tweet? Tell us below.

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