WATCH: Pia Toscano Is Crushing On This Hollywood Hunk

Pia Toscano sang her way into our hearts and living rooms on American Idol. And since then, she’s been hard at work acting, singing and falling for two celebrity hotties, of course. 

And they’re nothing like each other… which is just fine for the single 24-year-old, who doesn’t have a boyfriend checklist.

“I don’t have a type of guy,” Toscano told Celebuzz at Lucky Magazine’s Fashion and Beauty Blog Conference cocktail party at L.A.’s SLS Hotel April 3. “I like a gentleman.”

So which talented hunks is she swooning over? You only have to look to the current AI judges table and the silver screen to catch a glimpse.

“I never realized how sweet and genuine he is,” Toscano gushed about Idol judge Keith Urban. “I sent out a little tweet that he’s so dreamy.”

But the guy she’s really fangirling over has his own hotline!

And like millions of fans around the world, Toscano was heartbroken Ryan Gosling announced he’s taking an acting hiatus. Luckily, she’s got a plan to help her cope.

“I’m going to stock up on his movies and watch them constantly,” she said, laughing. “I’m such a dork, I Googled his Ellen DeGeneres interview.”

But don’t look for her to pull a Ryan Cabrera and make her love for all things Gosling permanent.

The Queens, New York native admits that she’s been too busy to focus on her love life, but is open to finding love… after music.

“I’ve been doing this record for about two years,” she told CB! “We’ve had a few bumps in the road, but it tells a story.”

For more with Pia on her top pick to take home the AI title and what guys should — and should NOT do — to get her attention, watch our video above.

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