Ryan G. Helps Ryan C.’s Street Cred…In The Love Department

Ryan Cabrera came clean last week about his brewing bromance with Ryan Gosling (remember the now infamous tattoo?!). But he owes more than just a cool conversation starter to the big-screen heartthrob.

Gosling is helping Cabrera score with the ladies.

“Listen, ladies love the Gos,” Cabrera told Celebuzz. “So there is nothing else to say about that. So I am not mad.”

And forget bang ‘em up action flicks, this singer is Notebook fan.

“I am actually a really big Gosling fan,” he added. “It’s kind of an homage, at this point you gotta flaunt it. My friend knew that [I was a fan], so it was really funny.”

And the bromance is only blossoming further. Even his friend has ink of the hunk’s mug.

“We show them off at the pool,” said Cabrera, who’s in the studio recording his fourth album and gearing up to go on tour May 1.

So is the 30-year-old starting a tattoo trend here?

Well, he admits he would have never (we repeat, never) gotten the body art three months ago without being blindfolded in a little game of tattoo roulette the singer and his BFF like to play.

“I would never do something like that on my own,” Cabrera said. “We just kind of stepped it up a notch on this round.”

And despite his heavily inked up appearance, there are rules to follow.

“It can’t be religious and it can’t be tribal, and it had to be off the wall,” said Cabrera. “It’s only for the legs though. Like my ankle I don’t really care about.”

Believe it or not, this isn’t the first famous face Cabrera has on his body — but it’s the only one he hasn’t actually taken seriously. Those he saves for the prime sections of his body where you’ll find Paul McCartney, John Lennon and George Harrison.

“I’ve never, ever wanted anyone’s face on me other than The Beatles.”

And even then, he’s still shy.

“I sat next to Paul McCartney at a [Led] Zeppelin show in London, and I have this huge Paul McCartney tattoo on my arm and I folded down my sleeves. I was like, ‘I don’t want him to see that I am a big crazy fan!’”

But he’d swallow his pride for an in-person show-and-tell with Gosling.

“The first thing I would do is show him!” he said. “He would probably think it’s hilarious.”

Is what Ryan Cabrera did just crazy or flattering? Would you ink Gosling’s face to your body? Let us know below.

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