Star Survey: Who Is ‘Ready To Love’ Hunk Tim Lopez’s Celebrity Crush?

Tim Lopez, known for being the lead guitarist of The Plain White T’s, is about to take on his next role in Hollywood — finding true love on the new NBC reality series Ready for Love.

In preparation for the show (9PM, right after The Voice), Lopez took a moment to reveal all in this week’s Celebuzz Star Survey.

Find out who his first celebrity crush was, what he wants to be doing when he’s 90 and more by reading his answers, below.

My first celebrity crush was… Meg Ryan in Top Gun. “Goose you big stud, take me to bed or lose me forever!” Show me the day home, Meg.

My current celebrity crush is… Elisha Cuthbert. I’ve been into her since The Girl Next Door, and I think she’s incredible in Happy Endings. That’s one beautiful Canadian!

If I could have X number of kids, I would have… 3. I grew up with an older brother and a kid sister. I love being the middle child, playing baseball with my brother and being able to look out for my sister.

When I’m 90, I want to be… in the grave or a cryogenic chamber. I want to live a full life while I’m young, and the idea of being cared for doesn’t appeal to me much.

The last movie I cried during was… Up. It was an in-flight movie and everyone on the plane had tears streaming down their cheeks within the first 15 minutes.

My worst celebrity encounter was with… Ashley Judd. The last real job I held down was as a bellman at a resort in Santa Barbara. I had to deliver a package to her room. So, I knocked, and when she didn’t answer, I unlocked the door and walked in. Turns out, she was in the room and was ignoring my knocking. I got bitched out worse than I’ve ever been verbally accosted in my life.

The first CD I ever bought was… Tom Petty’s Wildflowers. It’s still in constant rotation on my iPod, and will forever influence my songwriting.

My most played song in iTunes is… “The Stable Song” by Gregory Alan Isakov.

The last time I got drunk was… last night. I’ve been working in the studio every night till about 1AM, and the night usually ends with drinks.

In high school, I was… right in the middle. Not popular or unpopular. I had a good group of friends, and we spent every minute outside of school skateboarding. At 16, my dream job was to go pro.

Right now, I’m obsessed with… restoring old motorcycles. My current project is a 1972 Norton Combat Commando.

I hate it when the paparazzi… try to get a witty quote from you when you’re 10 Miller Lites in.

The last person I kissed was… something that can’t be discussed for another 3 months.