WATCH: Did Vicki And Tamra Really Make Up…Or Did It Just Look That Way?

Vicki and Tamra talked it out on Monday night’s Real Housewives of Orange County – but their back-and-forth almost gave Alex McCord a serious case of whiplash.

The former NYC housewife, who’s breaking down each and every moment of the RHOOC’s second episode of Season 8, says the overall exchange seemed like one step forward and three steps back. Between Vicki and Tamra’s private confessionals and the two locking themselves in a wine cellar to talk, they certainly seemed to have finally cleared the air. They even agreed that they didn’t want a man ever coming between them. But as Alex points out, by the end of the episode, Tamra had already let Eddie come between them. And he’s, like, a man, right?

And what about when Gretchen goes after Vicki on the ride home, and Tamra fails to defend her? Alex thinks the olive branch that Tam and Vicki both extended doesn’t seem to be all that strong – and we kind of agree.

Meanwhile, find out what Alex makes of that super-fancy clambake — and who she thinks made a serious reality-TV mistake. Okay, okay: it was totally Tamra.

See Alex tackle those topics and more in this week’s vlog, above. Then tell us: do you agree or disagree with the former NYC housewife?