WATCH: They Just Can’t Keep ‘Secrets’

Secrets were revealed last night on a special episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and you know how much we love when that happens. And so does Alex McCord.

The former NY housewife and TV personality is still reveling in every last bit of RHOBH’s “Secrets Revealed” – aka the annual “lost footage” show with a hotter name. Yeah, the ratings will totally be higher this season.

Things we learned last night: everyone hates Faye. Except Kyle. But let’s face it: Ms. Resnick just wants camera time – and, as Alex says, she’d start a fight with the Pope to get it. Zing!

Between mammograms and a really weird scene between Taylor, Adrienne and Paul, we also got to see Brandi and Yolanda in Paris. Hey, was Alex the only one who noticed a “promotional consideration” line for the brand during the closing credits? As our resident pro says, that means Yolanda and Brandi probably got free shoes. Really, really good free shoes.

Alex also has a few other things figured out – like how “lost footage” shows are sometimes used as the “producers’ revenge.” The proof: Alex says honchos used last night to basically give Adrienne a great big “screw you.” Bam!

Watch this week’s vlog to see how they did it – and to see Alex tackle a whole bunch of other RHOBH topics. Then tell us: do you agree or disagree with the former NYC housewife?