Your Daily #CaptionContest Winners Are…

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Celebuzz thinks Melissa McCarthy is one funny lady, but our readers have been known to crack us up, too.

Therefore, we figured, this snap of Melissa during her recent Saturday Night Live hosting gig was the perfect choice for yesterday’s #CaptionContest.

What’s a #CaptionContest? Every weekday, on our Facebook page, we provide an image for you to caption, and then we post some of our favorites submissions here on the site.

Now, let’s get on with the funny:

“I know I looked like a new born fawn as he learns to walk, as I was coming down the stairs with these puppies on… But my dog ate my house slippers. Hey can you pass me a tissue? I’m getting a nose bleed up here” – Melissa

“Watch me ‘twerk’ something! LOL” – Roan

“Can you imagine skipping down the yellow brick road in those ruby slippers??!!” – Courtney

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