There’s One Woman Who Could Make Ne-Yo Really, Really Happy

He’s dueted with Rihanna, written for Beyonce, performed with Mariah and even produced the late, great Michael Jackson. Is there anyone left on Ne-Yo’s dream list of collaborators?

You bet your fedora there is.

Adele,” the eternally chapeau-ed hitmaker said at Wednesday’s Fruttare event in NYC, where he helped launch the fruit bar’s official U.S. debut. “I’m a huge fan. I’d love to get in the studio with her.”

He’d also like to spend a lil’ more time with Jay-Z. The two previously teamed up in 2007 for “Crazy,” but Mr. Yo says there’s a lot more fire left in the stove. (We just made that expression up – run with it.)

“I don’t feel like we’ve ever done anything to the potential of what a Ne-Yo and Jay-Z song can be,” he said. “Same thing with Kanye West.”

Any others?

“I’m a huge fan of Drake – I respect him as a writer as well as an artist. I could sit here all day – there’s a lot of people in the business I have the utmost respect for.”


Ne-Yo’s partnership plate is certainly filling up fast: he’s on the airwaves right now with “Tonight,” a duet with American Idol Season 11 runner-up Jessica Sanchez.

“It’s actually a song that I had written previously, so my voice was already on it,” he said. “And they were like, ‘How would you feel about this being a duet?’ She has a big, incredible voice, so I was all for it.”

The result: an up-tempo club banger that just may be vying for Song of the Summer honors. Check it out, and don’t be afraid to admit you danced a little in your chair.



Jessica isn’t the only lucky lady who’s getting a piece of Ne-Yo action: U.K. singer Cher Lloyd is prepping to couple up with the artist formerly known as Shaffer Smith. Don’t know her? Bet you do. First off, she’s the lovely lady sitting next to Ne-Yo during our interview. Secondly, she made a catchy tune called “Want You Back” last year and then donned a bandeau top and thankfully form-fitting shorts for this:



The upcoming Cher/Ne-Yo collaboration isn’t your average, run-of-the-mill duet, though. It’s for Fruttare – and fans are being asked to help inspire the song’s lyrics via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. (Click here for more info.)

And after the fruit bar-fest? Ne-Yo has more up his sleeve from last year’s R.E.D. album, which spawned the Top 10 smash “Let Me Love You.”

“I still have a few singles I want to drop off of R.E.D.,” he said. But best of all, he revealed, “I’m about to go in and start working on the next project in a minute.”

We’ll be ready, Ne-Yo. And we’ll be happy if you give us something even close to this:


For our full interview with Ne-Yo, view our video above. Then tell us: what’s your favorite Ne-Yo song? And what direction do you want him to take on his upcoming album?