‘American Idol’ Recap: Candice Glover Saves The Night… Twice

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Wednesday’s episode of American Idol put the pressure on its remaining contestants. For the first time this season, the FOX show has challenged the singers to two songs each. The night starts off slow and concludes with one of the best performances the Idol stage has ever seen.

Host Ryan Seacrest starts by rehashingBurnell Taylor’s tearful departure last week. He explains the contenders will choose one song they wish they had written and one song from the Burt Bacharach/Hal David catalogue.

Angie Miller opens the show with “Anyone Who Had A Heart” — and it’s pretty boring. She just stares into the camera and makes dramatic faces, but doesn’t truly emote. Keith Urban says her performance left him “looking for her humanity.” I don’t think he intended the comment to be as amusing as it was. Nicki Minaj also agrees the performance lacked passion.

Next up is Amber Holcomb, who belts out a great rendition of “I Say A Little Prayer.” I think it’s alright, but certainly not her best. The judges love it and Randy Jackson says, “Amber has arrived!” Nicki says she’s her favorite girl (though I’m sure she will say that four more times tonight) and Mariah Carey gives it an “A plus.”

Lazaros Arbos’ try at “Close To You” is tragic. Randy doesn’t mince words, saying, “No, no, no, no … that was horrible … I think that’s the worst performance you’ve ever had on the show.” The other judges agree, and Nicki is practically speechless. “Let’s just pretend I already gave my comment.” Ouch. He should start packing tonight.

Kree Harrisongives a great go at “What The World Needs Now” and makes it look so easy. Her effortless delivery is mesmerizing and her voice is sweet and strong at the same time. Keith is so floored, gushing, “It’s the humanity and the compassion that comes through … That’s the best you’ve ever sung.”

Janelle Arthur gives a lackluster performance too. So far, this night is a little disappointing. She chooses “I’ll Never Fall In Love Again” and I’m wondering if she’ll ever sing on Idol again after tonight. The judges don’t love it either. “I felt that was really boring,” says Nicki.

Just when I’m about to give up on the night, Candice Glover comes to save the day. She gives another amazing performance and I’m starting to wonder if this girl will ever have a bad day. She picks “Don’t Make Me Over” and it’s near perfect. Randy says it was one of her “best performances ever.” Agreed. She rocks.

At this point, I’m wishing the episode was only an hour. However, we still have another round to race through.

Angie’s second try is much better. She picks “Love Came Down” by Kari Jobe. She’s back at the piano and that’s truly her sweet spot. The judges are relieved she got her groove back.

After some probing from Ryan, Amber kills Beyonce’s “Love On Top” and finally shows off some moves. This girl is on fire this evening and the judges continue their rave reviews. “ You have arrived in every sense of the word,” says Nicki.

Laz takes a stab at another slow song. This time it’s Robbie Williams’ “Angels.” His attempt is stronger than that last but it’s still not nearly good enough to stay in the competition. He’s toast.

Kree kills a song I’ve never heard of, Janelle is boring again, and let’s just cut to Candice’s closing performance. This girl blows the roof off of the Idol studio when she covers The Cure’s “ Love Song.” There is no way she’s not going to final round. After tonight, my money is on Candice and Kree in the top spots. Randy Jackson says he is speaking on behalf of all the judges when he calls it “one of the greatest performances in the history of American Idol.”

Who do you think should go home Thursday night? Sound off in the comments.

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