Gwyneth Paltrow Balks At Botox: ‘I Looked Like Joan Rivers!’

Déjà vu — Gwyneth Paltrow is dissing botox in Harper’s Bazaar.

But this time around, the Academy Award-winning actress is spilling the real reason why she shuns the wrinkle-banishing beauty treatment: for fear of turning into one of Hollywood’s most famous frozen faces.

“I won’t do Botox again,” Paltrow, 40, says in the May issue of Harper’s, “because I looked crazy. I looked like Joan Rivers!”

When it comes to looking her best, the healthy-living maven is all about mixing treatments from both ends of the beauty business spectrum — from the all-natural to the advanced technologies.

“I use organic products, but I get lasers. It’s what makes life interesting, finding the balance between cigarettes and tofu,” she explains. “I really used to be bad with products, but now I exfoliate every night and use a lot of organic oils on my face…. [And] I have a great dermatologist in L.A. who gave me this amazing laser the last time I was there…. I feel like it took five years off my face.”

In truth, Paltrow says, even plastic surgery isn’t off the table for her. “I’ve probably tried everything. I would be scared to go under the knife, but you know, talk to me when I’m 50,” she confesses. “I’ll try anything.”

But the mother of two — to daughter Apple, 8, and son Moses, 6 — has many other major decisions to make before she hits a half century, both professional and privately. “I’m at quite a pivotal point: Do I want to go back more into films? Do I want another child? Do I want to move back to the States?” she wonders. “You can call me a lot of things, but you can’t call me complacent!”

“There are some films that I want to do, and I love my business and I want to expand that a lot,” says Paltrow, who branched out from her acting career to author healthy cooking books, found lifestyle website, and even invest in the growing empire of fitness guru Tracy Anderson. “We’ll sort of see.”

Between her business ventures and on-screen career, could she find time to expand her brood with husband Chris Martin? “I mean, if I want to have another kid, I gotta kind of get on it,” she says. “I don’t know. It’s a very big decision, so we’ll see. Anyway, I’m not doing it this month!”

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