‘Mad Men’ As Muppets And Other Funny Things

Together we’ve lived through actresses without teeth, actors without teeth, and pop stars as Furbies. We now feel prepared to see the cast of Mad Men as Muppets. Will you take this journey with us?

Also in this edition of Celebrity Meme Roundup: hot hairstyles for Justin Bieber and a comic that perfectly chronicles Taylor Swift’s artistic process and likely future.

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Onto the funnies!

Via Flavorwire, here is the cast of Mad Men as Muppets:

See everything that’s wrong with Les Misérables in six minutes:

In response to Justin Bieber’s “back to bangs” new hairstyle, BuzzFeed offers up some options for Biebs’ next ‘do:

Taylor Swift’s life summed up in one comic:

Game of Thrones vs. Updog:

Every romantic movie ever made:

Speaking of clichés, have you noticed how all movie posters look the same?

Lastly, here are a couple of odds and ends to take us out:

Oh, twirling Lana, I will never tire of you…

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